Why Cleanse?

If our bodies are built to detoxify themselves, why is a cleanse even necessary? 

Simply put, our toxic load has outpaced our evolutionary adaptation.  Even as few as 100 years ago, humankind was not faced with the array of chemical assault we see now.  From industrial waste, pesticides, insecticides, car exhaust, and off-gassing VOCs in our homes - to contaminated and treated water supplies, chemicals are part of our world.  And some do benefit us.  But some certainly do not. Plastics leach contaminants into our foods.  How about that 'new car smell'?  Or the dry cleaning solution used to clean our clothes? Because of our crazy lives, it's hard to eat clean, whole, and fresh everyday.  It takes a lot of planning and work!  We eat what we eat, when we eat it largely depending on convenience.  That's a simple fact of today's hectic pace.  How many servings of fresh fruits and vegetables did you eat yesterday?  If your answer is more than 6, way-to-go - let's add a couple more!  Fewer?  Your body may be hungry for some live, whole nutrition. 

I believe we can hit the re-set button and clear the junk out.  Commit to a three-day, fresh, organic, fruit and vegetable-based plan.  On day four, you will probably have an completely new palate.  What once tasted great (say for example, french fries) will leave you feeling coated and bloated.  What once tasted like nothing (say for example a carrot) will have incredible nuances you'd missed.