"Seriously, cannot thank you enough for the healthy impact you've made on my life. still sleeping awesome, too."

-Julie B., Glen Ellyn, il

"i wanted to let you know how much i loved my experience with you! you are a joy to be around and i can't tell you how much your positive and cheerful energy inspired me. i also loved all of the great ideas you gave me. it has been great trying some new things. thank you for doing such a great job and being so welcoming and supportive."

-Michelle m., Glen ellyn, il

"As always, thank you for your boundless knowledge.... I can never get enough!"

-Christine Z., Glen ellyn, il

"ok, you are the bomb! i loved this week! i feel great and energized, and a little lighter! however, my favorite part continues to be spending time with you. you truly have a gift of inspiring people."

-Sarah h., Glen ellyn, il

"thank you lisa, for everything! your knowledge just amazes me. if it weren't for you i don't know what any of us would be eating! today was once again delicious. loved the salad!"

-Margaret p., glen ellyn, il