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 Helping you detoxify your body with a fresh, whole-food  three-day cleanse.  We can show you how!

Our Mission

At Fresh Squeeze Nutrition, our mission is simple: Our Vegetable-based philosophy is the focus in Individual ‚Äčeducation, cleansing, weight loss, meal planning, and alkalizing diets.  


Lisa Kristofek

Lisa Kristofek, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University. She began her Holistic Nutrition studies at the Clayton College of Natural Health in 2009 and received her Holistic Nutrition Consultant Certificate from the nationally-accredited American College of Healthcare Sciences in September 2011. A gastric cancer survivor herself, Lisa has studied nutrition extensively both professionally and personally. Using clean food to nourish and heal the body is the foundation of her consultancy.  She believes that environmental toxins place too large a burden on our bodies, creating disharmony and the potential for disease.

What We Offer

Experience the satisfaction of learning to prepare truly nourishing meals, smoothies and juices.